What Our Clients Say About The Forsythe Difference

What better way to reinforce Forsythe’s commitment to customer satisfaction than quote actual customers? Browse through a small sampling of the many rave reviews we’ve received from people who’ve experienced the Forsythe difference. Then experience it for yourself.

Forsythe shares our passion for customer service. Their availability is second to none, and for 25 years they have always been there for us. Their longevity and stability as an organization is also very important. As a 126-year-old company, we look to partner with other well-established companies who have weathered the cycles as we have.

Gary Kirt, CEO
Bell Mortgage

We have been extremely pleased with the level of service and professionalism that Forsythe has provided over the years. Their responsiveness and communication have been consistently superior. As long as I can remember, the status of an order has never been in question.

Al LoGiudice, Vendor Manager
HomeGate Settlement Services


Thanks very much! I have only been at Mortgage Network for nine (9) months, but in all that time our entire department has always thought Forsythe is the best! The question I called you with a few minutes ago was actually the first time I have ever had to call with a question, which obviously shows that everybody there is doing their job! We do a lot of business in Minnesota and have used several of the Minnesota offices. You have all been great! Your offices have a very good turnaround time – I believe this was only three business days, whereas other appraisal firms may take as many as five to ten business days. It certainly goes without saying that you are always our first avenue of pursuit for these field reviews because of this excellent service. In fact, when we require a Field Review on a property that is not in any of the areas your service, we get disappointed. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Will Currier, Wholesale Underwriter
Mortgage Network

Excellent thank you so much. We love Forsythe!!!!!!

Jan Whalen, Underwriting Manager
Mortgage Network

Thank you. I have a call into tech support to review this and see what the problem is. Thanks again for the excellent service!

Nicole Tonnar, Loan Officer
Northwoods Credit Union

Fantastic turn around time!!!!!!!!! Thanx a million!!!!

Brain M. Clark
I M Solutions, Inc.


Received your appraisal for R****** at **** Parma Park . Thank you so much. Your speed and professionalism is refreshing. I will send you all appraisals I have in your area and I will recommend your service to my associates.

Jim Abbott
Consumer Financial Consulting

Thank you for being so prompt, I appreciate your hard work.



Thank you so much I really appreciate the service. We will be in contact in the near future.

Jason Parrot, Team Leader / Sr. Account Executive
Best Rate Funding

Thanks Lindsay. I appreciate the professional and moxxy you and your company portrayed in achieving this appraisal. I will use Forsythe and pass it on to the other loan officers.

Gregory P. Mullin, Senior Mortgage Analyst
First Ohio Banc & Lending, Inc.


Thanks so much. I will be sure to use your company in the future.

James Rigoulot, Mortgage Consultant
Wyndham Capital Mortgage, Inc.


Thanks Lynn! I received the H*** appraisal today…. Very efficient! I will continue to use you...

Mark Steele, Home Loan Consultant
Amerihome Mortgage, LLC


Yes, Jennie did an excellent job of helping me on this one. I really appreciate your company’s superior customer service and business.

Robert W. Bradley, (Homefield) Account Manager – On Site
LSI, A Fidelity National Information Services Company

No problem, thank you for your fast responses.

Kevin Kramm, Branch Manager
Filoosh Financial Group

Thank you, that was really fast!!! I’ll have to use you more often…

Steven K Riley
Mortgage Specialist

You’re awesome. Thanks.

Steven R Noga, Performance Engineer
LSI, A Division of Fidelity National Financial


Thank you for the amazing turn around on this file. I appreciate it, your company provides really great service and turn around. We appreciate it over here, thanks.

Martin Greenwood, Team 1 Sales Supervisor
Nation One Mortgage Company, Inc.

You’re awesome! Thank you!

Charla Martin, Senior Loan Officer
Synergy Capital

Thank so much for the update and the quick response to getting this order scheduled.

Bret Spartz
MB Servicing, Inc.

You guys are the best.

Ben Jacobs, Loan Consultant
Capital One Home Loans

Thank you so much, my team is goofing on me because I was bragging so much about you guys… they said I am on the “Forsythe Bandwagon” …. Regards to you all!!

Patricia Schoenfeld
Top Dot

Thank you soo much for your assistance. I really appreciate it.

Troy Forjone, Wholesale division
HomeGate Settlement Services

I used to use all Forsythe branches when I worked for another company and I really liked working with you all, so I decided to get this company to use.

Kim McMath, Mortgage Coordinator
First Boston Mortgage Corp.


Thank you a million, appreciate the urgency [in] having this completed. Have a great day….

Brent Ribeiro, Team Lead- Region 2
Homegate Settlement Services

Have I told you lately how wonderful you guys are?? If not, you guys rock!! Thanks!!

Maryann Martinez, Customer Service Representative

Wow that was so quick, thank you!!!

Colleen Hanley, Collateral Assessment Department
iMortgage Services

Thank you sooo much. I realize I have been a high maintenance customer, and I appreciate your patience. Again, thank you for getting the job done.

Matt Kiggins, Loan Officer
United Financial Mortgage Corp.

Thank you so much for your help and urgency on this! We really appreciate it – and I know you guys jumped thru hoops to get this done.

Sonia Kilmer
First National

Thank you for the quick turnaround.

James J. Ryan, Review Appraisal Underwriting Manager

You guys are truly awesome!! Thanks so much!!

Maryann Martinez, Customer Service Representative


Thank you very much for getting this back for us, it is a pleasure doing business with your company. Your turn and great communication really helps us out a lot. Thanks.

Martin Greenwood, Team 1 Sales Supervisor
Nation One Mortgage Company, Inc.


I wanted that the revised report has now been received, and I appreciate any help you provided in getting that done. I also wanted to let you know that I felt Tashima Jones, shown in the correspondence below, did a fine job in assisting me with this. Whenever I emailed her I got an immediate response, so I truly believe that she was doing her job and doing it well.

Mickie Nagy
Appraisal QC

Thank you for such FAST service. You guys are great.

Emily Adams , Mortgage Loan Partner
Bornhorst Team
National City Mortgage, a Division of National City Bank of Indiana


Thank you sweetheart! I love working with you.

Kevin Troy, Branch Manager
Home Loan Consultants